Jessica L. Vogel DDS

How do I prepare my child for his/her first dental appointment?

It is important to create a positive image about the dentist for your child before they even step into the office.  Your child may be nervous or apprehensive, but with your guidance and these tips you can make their first and future dental appointments a success! 

1. DO make your child comfortable with their teeth and brushing.

The preparation for the first visit really starts at home.  Help your child brush or even brush with them as a group activity. Find books, crafts, activities, or songs that will help you introduce them to their teeth and the dentist.  The more comfortable and familiar they are with their teeth the easier your child’s first visit will be. 

2. DO have a positive attitude about the dentist. 

Children are very perceptive of our attitudes and energy.   When we are relaxed, our children will be too.  Being prepared also makes them relaxed.   Spend time talking about the dental visit in a positive way.   Never say, “They won’t hurt you” or “You won’t get a shot”, or even passively make threats “If you do not behave, they will give you a shot.”  These statements may seem harmless, but create ideas in the child’s mind of distrust and harm.  Instead use positive statements like “The dentist will count your teeth”, “We are going to show the dentist how good you brush”, or “They have lots of cool things to show you here.”

3. DO find a great dental office that you trust. 

We encourage finding a dental office that you as parent as well as your child will feel comfortable at.   Find an office that is convenient for your family, has compassionate, caring staff and doctors, and provides a kid friendly atmosphere.  

It may be a good idea to bring your child to your regular checkup.  This way they can get used to the sights and sounds of the office.  This will only be successful if you as the parent can be helpful and positive during your own appointment.  


At our office, we provide care to all ages!   We pride ourselves on providing excellent care and making first visits FUN!  Sometimes the best care means we may need to refer your child to a pediatric specialist to provide sedation or additional behavior reassurance.  If you have any questions or would like suggestions, please call our office at 765-932-2738 or send us an email on our contact page.



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