Jessica L. Vogel DDS

What is the difference between dentures and partials?

A complete denture is a dental prosthesis for your mouth in which all of the teeth have been removed. This can be worn on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both upper and lower.   A complete denture is worn to replace the missing teeth and re-establish esthetics and functionality. 

A partial denture is a dental prosthesis for your mouth in which only some teeth are missing.   A partial denture is designed with various types of hooks and attachments that go around the teeth to hold it in place.   A partial denture can be made from metal or acrylic-type material, and is a decision you and your dentist make based on your case. 

Both types of dentures can be removable or fixed in the mouth with implants.  It is good to consider these options when speaking to your dentist about what type of denture is good for you. 



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