Jessica L. Vogel DDS

How should I care for my dentures?

It is important to care for your dentures just like you would care for your natural teeth.  Proper hygiene of your dentures prevents diseases such as fungal infections.

If you are able, we encourage patients to remove your denture at some point in the day to give your mouth a break from the denture.   At this time, you can soak your denture in warm water.   Effervescent tablets are common and can be used to soak your denture for additional cleaning or stain removal.   DO NOT use bleach or boiling water as it may deform and harm the acrylic of the denture.   You may use a soft toothbrush or denture brush to remove debris before or after soaking.  


It is suggested to clean your dentures over a sink full of water to prevent breakage if dropped.   Keep your dentures out of reach of pets and children who may cause damage. 


It is important to have your dentures adjusted if you feel sore spots or occlusion problems. Maintenance and examination of your dentures on a regular basis help catch fine cracks or damage.


If you are unable to remove your denture because they are fixed with implants, it is important to rinse and use proper flushing and flossing techniques described to you by your dentist or hygienist.  Keeping up with your hygiene routines prevents any infection or failure of implants. 

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